A sprinkle of glitter for christmas gifts


Sprinkle of Glitter for Christmas

Merry Christmas! After stuffing myself silly with turkey, ham, pumpkin, potato, feta salad, veggies, custard, mince pies and truffles, on Christmas Eve, I woke up this morning to a tree full of presents and an eager family. I got very spoilt this Christmas and this is a short post to detail the presents I received:

  • Amor Single Studs 7mm with zirconia, silver
  • UNU handmade jewellery – triangle shaped lapis lazuli ring
  • Mimco Supernatural Medium Pouch
  • Charlie Brown “Mystifying” Python Trim Tote Bag
    Benefit Gimme Brow
  • Zoeva Luxe Soft Definer 227 Brush
  • Lindt Luxury Collection Deluxe Boxed Chocolate
  • Macpac Alloy Water Bottle 650ML
  • Kikki K 2016 A6 Weekly Diary: Sweet
  • Sportsgirl Printed Pop up Brush
  • Colette Metal Bar structured CC purse: Ivory
  • Antler Aire Large Suitcase: Aire Aubergine
  • Napoleon Perdis Citrus Love Kiss Christmas Set

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Clearly I was spoilt by family and friends – hope you had a wonderful Christmas and got everything you wished for!


A dash of orange for the anticipation (and preparation) of travel


Travel Orange

In just under two weeks I’m embarking on my most exciting holiday yet – New York City. Myself and a very close friend are off to New York in the new year to delve into a world of exquisite style, delicious food and high fashion.

Coming from a warm climate (by warm I mean swelteringly hot) my first thought was towards the fashion of a New York winter. I would rather be trampled by elephants than be a stereotype tourist in a puffy Katmandu jacket, twenty pairs of leggings, crocs with socks and a 20 kg camera, trying to trek across Times Square. So, to save myself from looking like a gobstopper in 50 layers of clothing I went to my local op shop and invested in a stylish figure-hugging winter coat and boots.

After ensuring that I had somewhat of a grasp on my clothing for the holiday I started to plan my days. I have a delightful, yet incredibly cringe-worthy, image in my head of what my NYC days will encompass:

  • 8am: Wake up and look out at a panoramic shot of the metropolis, dotted with busy people.
  • 9am: Dressed in style, grab a bagel and chai latte from the closest Starbucks.
  • 10am – noon: Wander around Manhattan, strolling in and out of designer stores.
  • Noon – 1: Pop into a restaurant which is adorned in vintage furniture and waited by staff in pristine tuxedo’s, for a light lunch.
  • 1pm – evening: Explore the historical attractions of the city, accompanied by a steamy drink from a local coffee shop.
  • Evening – late: Dress for dinner in an elegant gown and stilettos, and wrapped up in a coat and scarf attend a booking for a 6 course degustation at the Plaza.

I think I will be able to keep up this itinerary for about a day before falling into bad habits of dressing for comfort and eating fast-food, but the thought of even beginning to be classy in NYC excites me so much!


Dabs of festive red and green


Festive Red and Green

Gearing up for the holiday season, today I put up our Christmas tree. I feel like the best part of putting up the Christmas tree is all the (crucial) festivity that happens around it. I love to have a Christmas movie on (this time it was Love Actually) and to light a Christmas candle (Fresh Pine Needles). Unfortunately the final outcome was a rather dusty, half squashed, dying tree with way too much glittery decor and tinsel but nevertheless it definitely put me in the Christmas mood.

I wouldn’t class myself as very religious (never mind my 6 years at a Catholic girls college) so the main event around Christmas for me is definitely the presents (giving and receiving). This year I have had a lot of trouble working out what I would like for Christmas, which actually tells me I have way too much stuff. Only 11 sleeps until the big day I finally worked out that I’d love a new wallet. I’m really into the range of wallets that Mimco offers, and after much scrutiny over the pictures on their site I have narrowed my favourites down to these:

These are quite expensive if anyone is interested in getting them, however (after owning the same one for three years now) I can safely say that it is a great investment.

If I don’t jump into the Mimco ship I would definitely be interested in anything from the Sephora gift section, as their site now ships to Aus!



A stroke of green for new beginnings


Vibrant Green

This blog begins as a blank canvas, a sheen of pristine white ready for the colours of life. My first post is a stroke of vibrant green symbolic of new beginnings for this site. I have been toying with the idea for this blog for a long time, unsure whether the concept is too far-fetched for anyone interested in reading.

On first impressions this blog might seem overly pretentious and an idea that will fizzle out after a couple of posts. However, I am dedicated to continue posting for my own fun, regardless of how this idea is received. If you wanted to de-construct the idea, its basically a diary of the ups and downs of my life, which are correlated with different colours to make every post a little more engaging.

This is probably my favourite time of year, and what better time to start writing when everyone is happy and relaxed. Watching society prepare for Christmas is like watching a child fall asleep. Everyone relaxes, all worries are put aside for later, and there is peaceful indulgence in Christmas dreams surrounded by family. In my personal preparation for Christmas, I have been going to quirky new restaurants in Newtown and alike for meals with friends, eating far too many baked goods and wasting away hours of time and blocks of broadband usage on Youtube (I recommend PrankvsPrank – https://www.youtube.com/user/PrankvsPrank).

This morning I went to a local market and splurged on a small biscuit called an Alfajore which I was told was an Argentinian traditional confection. I wasn’t sure whether it was a sudden desire for chocolate, or the bakers puppy dog eyes which made me buy them, but either way it was a lovely surprise and I really loved the taste and consistency.

Unfortunately I only bought one, and these markets have different stores every week so I’m not sure how soon again I can buy these. So, I have done a bit of looking and found online a recipe for alfajores that I am going to make for our Christmas day lunch:


However, I’m thinking that if I was super lazy and not feeling like creating a labour of love over making the traditional biscuits, I’m totally down for pressing two pre-bought cookies together, with nutella or dulce de leche between.

Anyway, after an eventful morning of a late sleep in and eating at the markets I’m ready to snuggle into bed with a cup of tea and my Netflix subscription as I’d love to watch the movie Masterpiece Classic: The Diary of Anne Frank (I’ve just finished reading her diary).