A sprinkle of glitter for christmas gifts

Merry Christmas! After stuffing myself silly with turkey, ham, pumpkin, potato, feta salad, veggies, custard, mince pies and truffles, on Christmas Eve, I woke up this morning to a tree full of presents and an eager family. I got very spoilt this Christmas and this is a short post to detail the presents I received: Amor Single... Continue Reading →


A dash of orange for the anticipation (and preparation) of travel

In just under two weeks I'm embarking on my most exciting holiday yet - New York City. Myself and a very close friend are off to New York in the new year to delve into a world of exquisite style, delicious food and high fashion. Coming from a warm climate (by warm I mean swelteringly hot) my first thought... Continue Reading →

Dabs of festive red and green

Gearing up for the holiday season, today I put up our Christmas tree. I feel like the best part of putting up the Christmas tree is all the (crucial) festivity that happens around it. I love to have a Christmas movie on (this time it was Love Actually) and to light a Christmas candle (Fresh... Continue Reading →


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