A stroke of green for new beginnings

Vibrant Green

This blog begins as a blank canvas, a sheen of pristine white ready for the colours of life. My first post is a stroke of vibrant green symbolic of new beginnings for this site. I have been toying with the idea for this blog for a long time, unsure whether the concept is too far-fetched for anyone interested in reading.

On first impressions this blog might seem overly pretentious and an idea that will fizzle out after a couple of posts. However, I am dedicated to continue posting for my own fun, regardless of how this idea is received. If you wanted to de-construct the idea, its basically a diary of the ups and downs of my life, which are correlated with different colours to make every post a little more engaging.

This is probably my favourite time of year, and what better time to start writing when everyone is happy and relaxed. Watching society prepare for Christmas is like watching a child fall asleep. Everyone relaxes, all worries are put aside for later, and there is peaceful indulgence in Christmas dreams surrounded by family. In my personal preparation for Christmas, I have been going to quirky new restaurants in Newtown and alike for meals with friends, eating far too many baked goods and wasting away hours of time and blocks of broadband usage on Youtube (I recommend PrankvsPrank – https://www.youtube.com/user/PrankvsPrank).

This morning I went to a local market and splurged on a small biscuit called an Alfajore which I was told was an Argentinian traditional confection. I wasn’t sure whether it was a sudden desire for chocolate, or the bakers puppy dog eyes which made me buy them, but either way it was a lovely surprise and I really loved the taste and consistency.

Alfajore’s –  image sourced from: http://perudelights.com/corn-starch-alfajores-bite-sized-perfection/

Unfortunately I only bought one, and these markets have different stores every week so I’m not sure how soon again I can buy these. So, I have done a bit of looking and found online a recipe for alfajores that I am going to make for our Christmas day lunch:


However, I’m thinking that if I was super lazy and not feeling like creating a labour of love over making the traditional biscuits, I’m totally down for pressing two pre-bought cookies together, with nutella or dulce de leche between.

Anyway, after an eventful morning of a late sleep in and eating at the markets I’m ready to snuggle into bed with a cup of tea and my Netflix subscription as I’d love to watch the movie Masterpiece Classic: The Diary of Anne Frank (I’ve just finished reading her diary).




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