Dabs of festive red and green

Festive Red and Green

Gearing up for the holiday season, today I put up our Christmas tree. I feel like the best part of putting up the Christmas tree is all the (crucial) festivity that happens around it. I love to have a Christmas movie on (this time it was Love Actually) and to light a Christmas candle (Fresh Pine Needles). Unfortunately the final outcome was a rather dusty, half squashed, dying tree with way too much glittery decor and tinsel but nevertheless it definitely put me in the Christmas mood.

I wouldn’t class myself as very religious (never mind my 6 years at a Catholic girls college) so the main event around Christmas for me is definitely the presents (giving and receiving). This year I have had a lot of trouble working out what I would like for Christmas, which actually tells meΒ I have way too much stuff. Only 11 sleeps until the big day I finally worked out that I’d love a new wallet. I’m really into the range of wallets that Mimco offers, and after much scrutiny over the pictures on their site I have narrowed my favourites down to these:

These are quite expensive if anyone is interested in getting them, however (after owning the same one for three years now) I can safely say that it is a great investment.

If I don’t jump into the Mimco ship I would definitely be interested in anything from the Sephora gift section, as their site now ships to Aus!




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