A dash of orange for the anticipation (and preparation) of travel

Travel Orange

In just under two weeks I’m embarking on my most exciting holiday yet – New York City. Myself and a very close friend are off to New York in the new year to delve into a world of exquisite style, delicious food and high fashion.

Coming from a warm climate (by warm I mean swelteringly hot) my first thought was towards the fashion of a New York winter. I would rather be trampled by elephants than be a stereotype tourist in a puffy Katmandu jacket, twenty pairs of leggings, crocs with socks and a 20 kg camera, trying to trek across Times Square. So, to save myself from looking like a gobstopper in 50 layers of clothing I went to my local op shop and invested in a stylish figure-hugging winter coat and boots.

After ensuring that I had somewhat of a grasp on my clothing for the holiday I started to plan my days. I have a delightful, yet incredibly cringe-worthy, image in my head of what my NYC days will encompass:

  • 8am: Wake up and look out at a panoramic shot of the metropolis, dotted with busy people.
  • 9am: Dressed in style, grab a bagel and chai latte from the closest Starbucks.
  • 10am – noon: Wander around Manhattan, strolling in and out of designer stores.
  • Noon – 1: Pop into a restaurant which is adorned in vintage furniture and waited by staff in pristine tuxedo’s, for a light lunch.
  • 1pm – evening: Explore the historical attractions of the city, accompanied by a steamy drink from a local coffee shop.
  • Evening – late: Dress for dinner in an elegant gown and stilettos, and wrapped up in a coat and scarf attend a booking for a 6 course degustation at the Plaza.

I think I will be able to keep up this itinerary for about a day before falling into bad habits of dressing for comfort and eating fast-food, but the thought of even beginning to be classy in NYC excites me so much!



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