About Me



My name is Clare, and here’s a pic of me at six years old entertaining myself in the shower by trying to catch all the water in my mouth. I wonder when it was that I worked out that my mouth wasn’t big enough.

I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia, and I’m part way through studying a combined degree of Commerce and Media (PR/Advertising) at University.

I love writing, exploring and getting caught in the rain (not the Notebook style kissing in the rain… I actually just prefer rain over sun), and I can’t stand people who sulk, ordering clothes online that don’t fit, and coriander.

I post every Sunday, and more frequently if I have inspiration.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, I’ll  take on any feedback I can get!


Check out my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/clarehopkinss/

Or send me an email at clare.hopkins98@gmail.com, if you want to chat