Gelato on the Beach, Gourmet Chocolates, a NEW Piercing…

It's my week off from uni and despite the pile of work eyeing me from my desk I've decided to have a bit of treat week... otherwise, I won't make it through the upcoming exams without wanting to run into a wall. A major highlight of the week was getting gelato and drinks at Coogee... Continue Reading →


Beauty Serums for Youthfulness (homemade!!)

Who doesn't love some DIY homemade serums for glowing skin/hair and shining teeth (just to enhance that youthful look you're already mastering). Check out my favourites here!

My Nightly Skincare Routine

Have you ever noticed how flawless the average Japanese woman's skin is? Studies show that the average Japanese woman uses up to seven skincare products per week. Thus, a little extra time and effort on your skincare goes a LONG way. I've spent a long time finessing my skincare routine, because I prefer to have... Continue Reading →

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